Top Vet Recommended Natural Remedies for Dogs with Food Allergies

Derma IonX

Formula that naturally and safely treats the symptoms of dog allergies and other skin conditions, including wounds, rashes, hot spots, hives, eczema and psoriasis.

Allergy Itch Ease

Natural homeopathic remedy relieves skin allergies and irritations in dogs while soothing itchy skin and healing hot spots.

Canine Stimmune

Herbal remedy that provides relief for dog allergies by maintaining natural balance within the body and by stimulating the immune system.

Comfy Dog Shampoo

Natural oatmeal shampoo provides quick relief for dogs with hots spots, dry and itchy skin and allergies

Every dog is different, and trying to diagnose allergies in an animal that obviously can’t speak is difficult. Dogs can often be allergic to soy, rye or corn products. Some dogs are even allergic to cooked meats but not raw. Another common problem is with large amounts of proteins. Many dog nutritionists believe that dog allergies to food are caused by foods or ingredients that are not natural to them, such as tuna fish or cheeses.

Food allergies in dogs are the third most common type of dog allergies. About one in every ten dogs suffer from these issues. Dog allergies are similar to human allergies in that dogs could be allergic to just about anything, even the ingredients in food that are specifically designed for dogs. Allergies in dogs appear just as random as they are in humans. This can make diagnosing dog allergies to food even more difficult.

Dog Allergies to FoodSymptoms of Dog Allergies to Food

Often dog allergies to food cause dry skin which can lead to intense itching, flaky skin, and bleeding. Dry air during the winter months can make this problem worse. More fatty acids in your dogs diet helps to alleviate this problem. In more serious cases, the dog will start to bite, lick and chew the area that is itching leading to hair loss and inflammation of the skin.

Other symptoms that a dog suffering from a food allergy will typically exhibit range from nasal discharge and sneezing, to anal irritation and diarrhea. When a dog sits down and scrapes their behind across the floor it is often a warning of food allergies in dogs. A dog allergy to food will also cause ear infections in some cases.

If your dog exhibits a number of these symptoms simultaneously, then the chances are good that the pet is suffering from some form of allergy, possibly a food allergy. There are other types of allergies that show some of these same symptoms, such as a flea allergy or seasonal allergies, but typically, only a food allergy will cause your dog to manifest all of the symptoms at the same time. Initially, these problems can be helped with antibiotics, but the symptoms will develop again because the only cure for food allergies in dogs is avoidance of the allergen.

Diagnosing Food Allergies in Dogs

The best thing to do if you suspect your dog is allergic to some type of food is to determine if there have been recent changes in the pet’s diet. Is your pet eating something that you do not know about? Have you been feeding your dog leftovers from dinner? Has the animal’s main food source changed? If you can figure out when you first started noticing the symptoms, and match that with a change in diet, then determining the exact food or ingredient that is the source of the problem will be much easier.

Hypoallergenic Dog FoodHypoallergenic Dog Food

Many veterinarians recommend natural hypoallergenic food for dogs with allergies. Since many food allergies in dogs are caused by certain proteins, hypoallergenic dog food will have alternative sources, such as venison, rabbit, lamb or bison. They will also often contain better carbs, like brown rice or certain vegetables. Some of these all natural dog foods are completely vegetarian. You may need to try a couple of different types of hypoallergenic foods before you find the right one for your dog allergies to food.

Natural Remedies for Food Allergies in Dogs

An increasing number of veterinarians are advocating the use of natural remedies for food allergies in dogs. These homeopathic and herbal treatments for food allergies in dogs are primarily used to alleviate the itching and to restore the animals fur that was damaged due to an allergy. Most veterinarians recommend using a natural remedy for food allergies in dogs, in combination with bathing the pet using a natural dog shampoo. Allergy Itch Ease and Canine Stimmune are two of the most highly recommended natural remedies for dog allergies to food. An oatmeal based shampoo such as Comfy Dog Shampoo is specifically designed for repairing a dogs skin and coat and will quickly have your dog on the road to recovery.

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