Top Vet Recommended Natural Remedies for Constipation in Dogs

Smooth BM Gold (was Maris)

A gentle and natural herbal supplement for dog constipation and for maintenance of soft, regular bowel movements.

Natural Moves

Herbal constipation remedy for dogs that promotes regular bowel movements, plus a healthy digestive system.

Though it happens fairly infrequently, dogs do occasionally get constipated. Thankfully, dog constipation is not usually a serious condition, and there are a number of good natural remedies for constipation in dogs that can be administered at home. Being aware of what is going on is always important, though. Occasionally constipation can be a warning sign of something more serious, so paying close attention to stools and a dog’s behavior will help any dog owner know when it is time to actually make a trip to the vet.

Symptoms and Causes of Constipation in Dogs

The typical symptom noted when a dog is constipated is posturing to defecate, and either not producing any feces or straining to produce small amounts. Dogs that strain to pass feces that are hard and dry are probably constipated due to not enough water intake, not enough dietary fiber. It is not uncommon for a constipated dog to whine or even cry a little bit as he tries to pass a hard, dry stool, there could be a little bit of blood on the stool, and there may be bloating of the belly if the problem has persisted for more than 24 hours.

When a constipated dog passes either normal-looking stools that have obviously been forced out, or nothing at all passes, this is a matter of concern. Obstruction in the intestines from something a dog ate, or even a hairball from too much grooming, can cause these symptoms; the dog has the urge to go, but something is physically preventing the passage of feces. Left this way, the dog will likely begin refusing food and vomiting as well; these symptoms together are an emergency, and any dog displaying them should be seen by a vet immediately to be checked for the presence of a foreign body.

Tumors either in the digestive tract or in and around the anus can also cause the physical inability to pass stools by physically blocking the path. This is also an emergency situation, since the inability to pass stools for more than a day can become life threatening. Numerous other medical conditions and diseases can cause constipation as a symptom including recovery from anesthesia, enlarged prostate in unneutered male dogs, stress and neurologic conditions, too. Thankfully though, most cases of canine constipation are caused by dietary issues and can be easily remedied at home.

Treatments for Constipation in Dogs

There are a number of different ways to treat this condition including some highly effective and safe natural remedies for dog constipation when brought on by dehydration, stresses or dietary imbalance. If the constipation is mild, adding a few spoons of plain, spice-free pureed pumpkin to the food can help the problem temporarily, or even be used regularly if necessary, by adding fiber. Feeding some dark, leafy vegetables or phylum husk can help as well. However, dogs should never be fed human laxatives, or have human enemas used on them. Both of these can be harmful to dogs. If an enema or conventional-type treatment ever becomes necessary, your veterinarian will have specific formulas that are safe for dogs.

Some homeopathic alternatives for quick relief and better bowel maintenance include a selection of herbal and natural remedies for constipation in dogs that promote colon and digestive health. Ingredients include extracts from fruits and other all-natural sources known for their laxative effect and their aid in keeping the digestive system healthy, and natural sources of fiber, among others. Maris Smooth BM Gold available from Pet Wellbeing is a good choice to try for fast relief when constipation first sets in, as it works within hours in most cases, providing comfort before the problem worsens. Another great product to try for occasional bouts of constipation, or for regular use to keep the bowels moving (especially in dogs with medical conditions that predispose them to constipation) is Natural Moves, sold by PetAlive.

Preventing constipation in pet dogs is a simple matter of making sure they are getting the right diet and enough water. Making sure there is always clean, fresh water available is a must. Also, while dogs to not require a lot of fiber in their diet, they do require some high-quality fiber. For dogs that have chronic constipation, a natural supplement to manage the condition can make all the difference. Adding natural probiotics and prebiotics to the diet can help, too. Just like with people, a dog’s gastrointestinal health dictates his overall health. Using natural dog constipation remedies with proper diet management is recommended for a happy, healthy dog.

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