Top Vet Recommended Natural Remedies for Hot Spots

Derma IonX

Formula that naturally and safely treats the symptoms of dog allergies and other skin conditions, including wounds, rashes, hot spots, hives, eczema and psoriasis.

Allergy Itch Ease

Natural homeopathic remedy relieves skin allergies and irritations in dogs while soothing itchy skin and healing hot spots.

Canine Stimmune

Herbal remedy that provides relief for dog allergies by maintaining natural balance within the body and by stimulating the immune system.

Comfy Dog Shampoo

Natural oatmeal shampoo provides quick relief for dogs with hots spots, dry and itchy skin and allergies

As many dog owners probably know, moist dermatitis – usually known as a hot spot – can be difficult to treat, as well as painful for the dog. Hot spots on dogs can also be time consuming and expensive to treat considering that usually, by the time one is realized, it is badly infected and in need of antibiotics and other treatment. However, there are a number of natural remedies for dog hot spots that can be used, and even begin treating them before they get so bad that a trip to the vet is necessary.

Hot Spots on DogsOccurring most of the time in the same places – the side of the face/cheek area, under the throat, and on the hip area – they can literally appear overnight, with owners waking up to a big, oozing, smelly sore that was not there the previous day – so it is important to be aware of these things to more easily provide treatment for dog hot spots, or even to prevent them in the future.

Like any infection, the object of any treatment for dog hot spots is to get the “heat” and inflammation down, reduce pain, and prevent the dog from causing more trauma to himself (usually done by the dog itching and obsessively licking/chewing) while healing takes place. Shaving away the hair from around the whole the area to get off any that is caked with blood and pus, and to open up the skin so it can breathe, is a must for proper dog hot spot treatment. After clipping the spot, it should be cleaned with a gentle, non-stinging soap, then dried well. Thorough drying is very important, since moisture will just promote bacterial regrowth.

If the dog’s hot spot is to the point of being an oozing mess, antibiotics will be necessary, so a trip to the vet is probably warranted. A short course of steroid, or a steroid injection, may be suggested, and if the dog is constantly at himself, or seems very painful, it is probably a good idea at least to get him through the first few days of treatment. For a dog with hot spots that are not so bad, it is many times possible to treat these sores at home, naturally, as long as treatment is diligent and complete.

The same as with most other holistic treatment, treating the whole system, as well as the hot spot itself, is necessary to stop the cycle of infection and inflammation, and promote regrowth, so it should not be assumed this will happen with a simple topical preparation. Remedies for hot spots on dogs are generally oral preparations. Extracts that include ingredients such as Camomilla, Cina, Arum triph, Astragalus, and Purpura, just to name a few, which act as anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and anti-bacterial agents in regard to the skin, are suggested. Additionally, antioxidants and ingredients that support cell regeneration will aid quicker healing. If it seems to help, an anti-inflammatory or skin-cooling topical spray can be used while the canine hot spot is still red and raw, but ointments or other preparations that will keep the spot from drying up should be avoided.

There are actually many different herbs and natural ingredients that can help treat hot spots on dogs which can be researched, including some that do not come in a vial or jar. In a dilution of 1:10 (1 to 10), apple cider vinegar and water used multiple times daily as a skin rinse can sometimes be all that is necessary. Black tea bags (not herbal teas) that have been soaked in hot water, then squeezed out slightly before applying them as warm compresses has apparently seen some success, too. Also, corn starch patted into the sore can help speed healing by keeping the hot spot as dry as possible.

While there is little that can be done about a random hot spot showing up on a dog, generally, if a dog has gotten one before the possibility is always there that he can get another one. Whether speaking in terms of the chronic sufferer or a random affliction however, catching the hot spot early, before too much damage has been done, will get the best results from natural remedies for hot spots on dogs. Also, especially for dogs with recurring hot spots, starting a natural, general health supplement is a good idea since it is possible to prevent conditions like dog hot spots with the right nutrition and body wellness. As always, discuss any alternative therapies with a veterinarian to ensure against any contraindications or potential adverse reactions.

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