Top Vet Recommended Natural Remedies for Dog Allergies

Derma IonX

Formula that naturally and safely treats the symptoms of dog allergies and other skin conditions, including wounds, rashes, hot spots, hives, eczema and psoriasis.

Allergy Itch Ease

Natural homeopathic remedy relieves skin allergies and irritations in dogs while soothing itchy skin and healing hot spots.

Canine Stimmune

Herbal remedy that provides relief for dog allergies by maintaining natural balance within the body and by stimulating the immune system.

Comfy Dog Shampoo

Natural oatmeal shampoo provides quick relief for dogs with hots spots, dry and itchy skin and allergies

One of the most common and annoying ailments that dog owners face with their canine companions is itchiness. Dogs get itchy for a variety of reasons including auto-immune and dietary disorders, contact reactions, flea bites and, most frequently, allergies (just like people get). Similarly, there are many different remedies for dog allergies available today, but before initiating a treatment regimen it should first be determined by a veterinarian what the actual cause is, since something like an autoimmune or dietary cause will require a different approach. However, over 70 percent of dog allergies seem to be inhalant in nature, meaning, just like people who get hay fever from breathing in pollens, dogs get itchy skin from doing the same.

Remedies for Dog AllergiesAtopic (allergic) dermatitis (or environmental, or inhaled allergies) occurs from dogs breathing in airborne particles which the body then reacts negatively to. Generally, the culprits are seasonal allergies in dogs from pollen, and then other allergens in the environment including grasses, molds, dust and dander – to both other animals and to people, believe it or not – among others. Symptoms of seasonal dog allergies can include red, raw skin, extreme itchiness, skin infections, ear infections, anal gland infections, face rubbing and paw licking.

In cases of dog allergies to food, there is an immune reaction to a component of the diet causing allergic reactions, many times which exhibit as itchiness in dogs and other skin problems, just as atopic dermatitis does. The key in a food allergy is to find the offending ingredients through food trials, and remove them. But until that happens – which can take months – dogs can display the chronic allergic symptoms already mentioned above.

Obviously the ideal way to treat any kind of allergy in dogs is to remove the cause, but again, that can take some time, if it’s even possible at all. In the meantime, dogs suffering from chronic skin conditions and itching due to allergic reactions need to be relieved, with the first importance on treating any infections which may be present. This may be done with antibiotics given systemically (orally or by injection) and medicated baths, and sometimes corticosteroids will be used to get a condition under control, but once that has happened, there are other, more natural remedies for dog allergies to provide much needed relief.

With a two-fold approach, it is possible to help chronic dog allergy sufferers homeopathically, as long as any infections or underlying issues have been treated (or are being identified). Herbal treatments for dog allergies that not only calm the allergic reaction at the skin level, but also internally work to prevent reaction in the first place, are the basis of this kind of natural treatment. Certain herbs and natural ingredients which are known for their anti-inflammatory, immune-boosting and cell regenerative properties will aid in keeping toxins flushed out of the body while promoting stronger immune function, all of which will help alleviate hypersensitivities and reduce allergic reactions.

Additionally, using natural, topical remedies for allergies in dogs to tackle allergic reactions on the skin level alone will greatly help in controlling external symptoms. When left uncontrolled, skin reactions can lead to discomfort and self-mutilation while dogs attempt to relieve themselves, only to have those attempts set up an even greater amount of irritation and dog itching. In these cyclical situations, topically treating with natural dog shampoos, leave-in treatments and spray-on preparations that provide reduction of skin redness, heat and inflammation are invaluable. While corticosteroids can do that – and calm internal immune response, too – more than occasional use can create other medical problems for a dog. Natural and holistic remedies for dog allergies can be much safer, and much more effective in the long run, since they can be used without fear of damaging other body systems.

While figuring out the exact cause of dog allergies is important so that it can be removed, holistic control and prevention of allergies should be a regular part of any chronically allergic dog’s care. Effective natural remedies for dog allergies are definitely worth researching, especially in cases of dogs who seem to be on antibiotics and steroids repeatedly, to attempt to attack the problem from another angle, which may give surprisingly good results and good relief. As always, discuss any alternative therapies with your veterinarian first to ensure your pet is a good candidate for natural and herbal remedies.

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